Join us on our mission!

Using wire art designs, infused with delight, to lift the spirits of those in need.

Wired Up! has evolved into a desire to help our local community members in small, tangible ways. The Outcome is funded through product sales. Each time you purchase, you enable us to brighten someone’s day.

You choose a recipient that is significant to you and we will take it from there! We have a growing number of options available such as military, children, homeless, cancer/illness, recovery, abused, grieving, shut-ins, etc.

Our gifts are paired with the needs of each individual we select. Gift options may include dinner, movie, massage, hair care, manicure, pedicure, flowers/plants, gift cards, food, gas, clothing, etc.

If you know of someone in need, let us know. We would love to make their day!

Your purchase empowers our mission to happen.   LET’S DO THIS!

Wired Up!  for the outcome, not the income.

Contact Us for more info.

Thanks KFGO and Perry Miller for having me on the show! I appreciate the opportunity to share The Outcome and the Mission of Wired Up!

Sharing The Outcome at a Chamber Event.